Pascoal Bento Miguel Mbundi

Pascoal Bento Miguel Mbundi 

Pascoal Bento Miguel Mbundi (the son of Bento Miguel Mbundi and Teresa João Kassouba) was born on April 20th, 1964 in the province of Cabo Delgado (Namgade Nyanga) in Mozambique where he completed his primary and secondary education. Being 100% Makonde (an ethnic group renowned for its sculptors and artists), it is not surprising that Mbundi developed a strong interest in the plastic arts. After completing a course in graphics at the Escola Nacional de Artes Visuais (1984-89) and participating in various national and international workshops, he went on to become an accomplished artist and wood carver. Among his many artistic accomplishments he notes his “emblem of the city of Pemba” which won him the first prize in an art competition in Beira in 1994. Moreover, in 1997 he won 2nd place in an International Competition sponsored by the United Nations (FUNUAP) in which 72 countries participated and in 1999 was selected to participate in a design workshop at the University of Makerere in Kampala, Uganda.

The father of two children (Paulo and Ilda), Mbundi is one of those rare individuals who has managed to unite his vocation and avocation. That is, he has managed to survive through his art work alone. As the Art Director at Mozarte (Centro de Artesanto in Maputo) from 1997 to 2000, he designed the iron gate entrance to the building. From 2001 to the present he works as an artist at ASSEMA (Associação de Escultores de Arte Makonde) where he produces exquisite ebony carvings and does free-lance work for various Ministries and other Organizations.

Among his many artistic products one finds graphic illustrations (some of which appeared in the Iyolosho Magazine), ebony carvings, abstract paintings, posters, wall murals, business cards, signs, t-shirt print designs, ceramic pieces, decorative works, etc. The illustrations for this book, however, mark his first entry into the international market.
Should you be in need of his services, he can be contacted at the following address:

Pascoal Bento Miguel Mbundi
(Museo de Arte / ASSEMA)
1233 Avenida Ho Chi Min
Maputo, Mozambique    

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