“Sumthin Good from …” competition

The “Sumthin good from …” competition is designed to give our readers an opportunity to exchange their favorite  “black” recipes. If your entry is deemed by our judges to be more sumptuous  than the rest, you will be sent an “Early African Presence in NYC kit” (as described on our website) free of charge. Use the submission made by Eddie Faulk (#1 below) as your model. Note that a submission in that format will also satisfy the prerequisite requirement (i.e. the submission of a paper) for competing in our annual $500 research grant. We are all eagerly  looking forward to hearing from you and in tasting your special dish.

  1. Sumthin Good from Raleigh © Eddie Faulk (kmmtk_munk1@hotmail.com)
  2. Sumthin Good from the Phillipines: Lumpia
  3. Sumthin Good from the Phillipines: Adobo
  4. How to make Chau
  5. How to make a typical Vietnamese meal-1
  6. How to make a typical Vietnamese meal-2
  7. Sumthin Good from Chichicastenango, Guatemala: Coliflor al huevo
  8. Sumthin Good from Maputo -1
  9. Sumthin Good from Maputo -2
  10. Sumthin Good from the Phillipines: Manok Adobo
  11. Sumthin Good From Momostenango, Guatemala: Pache de Papa
  12. Sumthin Good from Native America
  13. Sumthin Good from Gambia: Benachin
  14. Sumthin Good from Bijagos, Guinea Bissau
  15. Sumthin Good from Guinea: Conakry
  16. Sumthin Good from Sao Paulo, Brazil
  17. Sumthin Good from Sao Tomé: Frutapao (Breadfruit)
  18. Spaghetti sauce and meatballs from Chichicastenango
  19. A sumptuous salad from Guatemala
  20. Sumthin Good from Sao Tomé: Sopa de Micoco
  21. Sumthin good from East and West Africa
  22. University of Wisconsin – Madison Taste of Africa 2016
  23. How to Make a Caipirinha drink
  24. Sumthin good from Paterson, NJ
  25. Sumpthin good from Praia, Cabo Verde
  26. Making and Serving Papeda in Nabire
  27. Sumthin good from Nabire (Papua)
  28. Sumthin good from Nigeria
  29. Sumthin good from Maumere
  30. Sumthin good from Maumere (2)
  31. Sumpthin good from Paterson, NY 2019

Submission of Papers

Note to Readers/Submitters: The copyright of all articles submitted to BLACFOUNDATION belongs to the submitter. All articles (with possible slight editing) will be presented as submitted because it is the avowed philosophy of the site (as Max Van Mahen once wrote) “to let that which shows itself to be seen from itself in the very way in which it shows itself from itself.”

If a paper is selected to be included in the thematical electronic or hard copy journals the selected paper may be edited only with the permission of and in conjunction with the submitter. While this site neither has nor desires a chat page, the reader is encouraged to address comments or criticisms about each submission directly to the submitter and the submitter is likewise encouraged to either respond or take such responses into consideration when finalizing his / her electronic journal submission.

To submit a paper via email, send to edpowe@blacfoundation.org, or mail a hard copy to:

Ed Powe
530 West Johnson
Apt. 202
Madison, WI 53703

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