Xisto Fernando Conge

Born in Maputo, Mozambique in 1991 to Fernando Mateus Conge and Isabel Venacio Mumguambe, After finishing his primary and secondary schooling in Maputo, Xisto entered the school of journalism where he is presently in his second year of training and hopes to finish in 2015. At 13 years of age he recited a poem, in church which dealt with the Virgin Mary which was well received. Four years later, he began reciting his own compositions, in public. In 2013 he compiled a book of lyric poetry entitled Gritos de Poemas Mudos and is currently seeking a publisher. The poems in that volume express love, feelings and emotions, and a preoccupation with death. His favorite Mozambican writers are José Craverinho, Mia Couto, and Eduardo White. But he is also fond of the writings of Miguel Torga and Fernando Pessoa (from Portugal), Venicio de Moraes and Carlos Drummond Andrade (from Brazil) and Edgar Allen Poe (from the US). He remembers with fondness his participation with Teles Coussa in “The Duel of the Poets” which was filmed by the BLAC Foundation in 2012. Upon completing his studies he would like to become an investigative journalist. He can be contacted by e-mail at xistopoesias@gmail.com or by cell phone in Maputo at 845186150.

Tres Poesias Narrativas

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