2for1 Book Offer

2for1 Book Offer – For a donation of $20 you will be able to read all the latest DAP electronic books and well  support the ongoing initiatives of the BLAC Foundation as well. Here, $10 of your donation will go to Dan Aiki Publications and the remainder to the BLAC Foundation. The book selections currently available are:

  1. Mystic Experiences, Recurring Dreams and Close Calls In the life of Dr. Edward L. PoweAn exciting  52-page exposition of mystic experiences, recurring dreams, and  memorable experiences in the life of an adventurous Afro-American who has somehow managed, despite many close calls,  to become an octogenarian. May we all live at least that long and prosper!
  1. My Language Affairs: The Making of a PolyglottThis 106-paged  “tell-all” book deals with the who, where, when, how and why of D. Powe’s  courtships with various world languages and the “children” (i.e. publications) that resulted from these various affairs. If the courtship involved instruction in an institution of higher learning, the relationship is here deemed an official marriage. On the other hand, if the affair took place without formal instruction, it is considered illicit. Needless to say, his marriages (wives) were many as were his illicit relationships (mistresses). Some produced many fruits, whereas others produced few or none. But regardless of the length and fertility of the affair, at least some joy and a great deal of personal satisfaction was produced by his relationship with all of these “lovely language ladies” and he transmits the reason for his attraction and the fruits of the relationships with each.