BLAC Foundation theme song

World ina confusion

World ina frustration.

In Paterson New Jersey there’s a Blac Fondation

Big up Edward, Reggie, Carol, Andi, Joshua, Jay


King Selassi I world

Selassi I earth

Can’t turn it in a cold blood world


King Selassi I world

Selassi I earth

Can’t turn it in a red man world.


Bigger judgment


King Selassi I world

Selassi I earth

Can’t turn it inna exile world


Righteousness earth ah run red

Emperor Selassi is the king of kings.

Lord of lords

And de conquering lion

Tribe of Judah

Sit inna de trone of King David.

Where triple crown

Inna whole Mount Zion.

Emperor Selassi is the truth and the best

Ruler all nations

Ethiopia is the ultimate place fo Rastafarai

Fi just understand me

Inna toxe

I re inna me

Never disagree

Only irritation (8 times)




Yad mad

Stop fightinf this ancient religion

World inna illusion

World inna confusion

Inna frustration

Disrespect Jesus an Ibrahim

G W N and de south

Most high is the truth

Let equal rights and justice

Guide our Action.

Just ah should eva in 1935

Emperor Selassi I doomed de world


Buen de backer stabber

Vatican hypocritically Maccars

Me go peel the wicked man

Like an orange

Lke they was fi vitamin

Soul with fog ah knife

Me use me water

Bottle fi chant civilizato

See fa now look what happen

Me have rasta medtation

Unno ean




Tell them

Ca Babylon ah judgment action

Corruption an ah illusion

Put gun pan repeat

Bomb down Sudan like a pig an Lybia

See us come um an you

Know itta go happen

World Trade Center

On haffi hammumed you again

See us some um an you

Know itta go happen

World trade center

Haffi hammumed

Fi killing one another

Just for vanit.

But mh Haille de giver an forgiven

The maker and the giver

Never was fri from

Till the rain no fall.

Recline and ackline

Fi de shield or soil

Me go turn them like equator

Global warming

When the rally come it ta

Go to have woe usuooed

See ambia

Watch Gambia

Red white blue white and green

Black Foundation.



Soufism in Senegl – Les Religion au Senegal Les Cahiers de Alternances; Ibrahim Kone, Sheik Seydou,