Black Martial Arts

Black Martial Arts – Sample Papers

  1. Sample Nigerian Martial Arts (Dambe)
  2. Sample Nigerian Martial Arts (Farauta)
  3. Sample African Indian Ocean Martial Arts (Mrenge)

Black Martial Arts – Full Submissions

  1. “Scufflin” Juma Mshabazi
  2. C.P. A Black Martial Art of N.C.
  3. “Umlabalaba”
  4. “Malaso of Madagascar”
  5. Indian Martial Arts contact:
  6. Silambam Reminiscences by Dr. J. David Manuel Raj (contact:
  7. The Origins and Historical Development of Silambam Fencing by Dr. J. David Manuel Raj (contact:
  8. Silambam DV Programme by M. Shahul Hameed (contact:
  9. Black Martial Arts: An Introduction by Dr. Edward L. Powe (contact:
  10. Dambe Paper © Tom Green (contact:
  11. Comba-tai Paper by Dr. Alonzo Jones. This rather lengthy selection deals with ” Comba- tai , a modern Black-American Martial Art form developed from a presumed Ethiopian Base. © Dr. Alonzo Jones. He can be contacted at
  12. Reflections from the World African Martial Arts Conference © Kamau Rashid
  13. Martial Arts, Capoeira and Sankofa © 2014 Kamau Rashid
  14. Black Terror: Bill Richmond’s Revolutionary Boxing © 2009 T.J. Desch Obi
  15. GIDIGBO: Yoruba Martial Arts, Part 1 © 2018 Awo Falokun
  16. How to study African combat arts © 2020 Kamau Rashid
  17. African=Black Combat Arts Hidden in Plain Sight © 2018 Dr. Obadele Kambon
  18. Multi-dimensionality of Capoeira © 2020 by Kamau Rashid
  19. Le Boloye ou la danse des hommes panthères ( Korhogo )
  20. Thoughts on teaching & Practice of Capoeira © 2020 by Kamau Rashid
  21. A History Of Martial Arts In Africa
  22. Pan Afrakan Diasporic Ancestral Warrior Society Organizational History © 2020 by Mkuu Malenga Shakara
  23. The Science and Continuities of African/a Fighting Arts (Kamau Rashid Interview)
  24. Traditional Martial Art of Indonesia (18)
  25. Martial Arts of Timor Leste (2)
  26. Kandeka, the Ancestor of Modern Slap-Boxing
  27. Kamau’s Insights

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