Black Religion

  1. Women and the Invisible World – by Lizzy Brooks
  2. Ancestral Masquerade Performance Among the Yoruba © Dr. Henry J. Drewal
  3. Ethno-Religious Conflict in Jos, Nigeria © Dr. Philip Ostien
  4. Preliminary Discussion of African Mysticism © Ibrahims Kone
  5. Primordial meaning of Sacrifice  © 2012 by Ibrahims Kone
  6. There is always a path and a Master © 2012 by Ibrahima Kone
  7. Falling Stars © 2012 by Ibrahima Kone
  8. Revelations © 2013 by Ibrahima Kone
  9. Introducing Kibuki: Spirits in Zanzibar © 2014 Lizzy Brooks
  10. Deep Meaning of Kongo Cosmogram © 2015 by Kiateuza Lubanzadio Luyaluka
  11. The Rapture Meets Reality  © 2020 Fritz Pointer
  12. Separation of Church and State or Coddling Christian Fascists © 2020 Fritz Pointer
  13. Kundaline Yoga Explained
  14. The Truth of Voodoo Revealed | Ancient Mysteries (S3)
  15. Writings of NebShakara (4)
  16. Zar Dissertation by Tigani Kajrat (1)
  17. ‘Uga’ Igbo Four World Ages – Untold Story of Our Ancestors Spiritual Journey
  18. A New Apologetic Approach for an Effective Defense of Vodou  © 2021 by Dr. Kiatezua Lubanzadio Luyaluka

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