Just as the BLAC Foundation has chosen the Zulu board game called umlablaba to develop the minds of our black citizenry so, too, it has chosen the African art of Capoeira to further develop the body. With this in mind we have recently created FACA (Federacao Autónoma da Capoeira Africana) which hails Africa as the birthplace of this magnificent art that was brought to Brazil in the fifteenth century where, over time, it suffered certain modifications. One should note, however, that these modifications  did not significantly alter the underlying nature and philosophy of  Capoeira de Angola.

Today, unfortunately, there is a concerted effort to deny the African origin of this art.  Rather, it is now being argued (and even stated in the best Brazilian dictionary) that Capoeira  was the unique creation of enslaved creoles in Brazil. Moreover, it is argued  that many of the characteristic movements of Capoeira are a product of the fact that their creators wore chains.   Indeed, on a recent journey to Sao Tomé, an employee of the Brazilian Embassy proclaimed on television that  “Capoeira nasceu no Brazil” (Capoeira was born in Brazil).

The BLAC Foundation can not accept this effort to tear Capoeira from its roots without a fight and will do everything possible to proclaim, as did the early capoeiristas,  “a Capoeira veio da Africa, foi Africano quem mandou (Capoeira came from Africa it was the African who sent it). See the following link for more details concerning the origin of Capoeira

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