Chief Awodiran Okanlawon Agboola, The Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom

Chief Awodiran Okanlawon Agboola
The Araba of Oworonsoki Kingdom
Asoju Awo of Agbaye of Ile-Ife
Aara Awo of Lagos Mainland

Chief Awodiran Agboola is the ambassador of Ifa to the world. Ifa proposes, the Orishas disposes. The Orishas are the forces of nature. Ifa is the oracle who knows and speaks the mind of God, Olodumare. Ifa knows the past, the present, and the future and unlike other divination systems such as the “i ching” (which is amazingly accurate), Ifa has the power to change ones destiny; to change the present and the future. Ifa knows the answer to all problems. “ Isheshe” (the Yoruba traditional belief system) is not White based, European, Asian, Christian Judaic, or Arabic based. It is totally Black.

The Wonders of IFA of the Yoruba Religion