Birthplace of one of the earliest and greatest civilizations known to man, the Republic of Egypt (with its capital at Cairo and a population of 65,000,000 souls) is the most populous country of the Arabic speaking world. Egypt is home to three major ethnic groupings, namely: 1) descendents of the Hamito-Semitic race (which includes Berbers) that peopled the Nile as well as many other parts of North Africa and Arabia for millennia; 2) Bedouin Arabs (who migrated from Arabia); and 3) Nubians (the original people inhabiting Nubia – a kingdom extending from Aswan in Southern Egypt to Khartoum in the Sudan. The BLACFOUNDATION is particularly interested in Ancient Egyptian civilization and the language and culture of modern Nubians as well as the stick-fighting tradition ( tahtiib ) of Southern Egypt.

Tahtib – Egyptian Men’s Stick Dance