FACA Credo

  1. We Believe that Capoeira originated in Africa andd that the African bought it to Brazil.
  2. We Believe the essence of capoeira is “avoid a blow, arm a trap, and release the trap only when the adversary  isin range.
  3. We Believe Capoeira is a perfect art of self defense and not a circus act
  4. We Believe the best way to learn Capoeira is to practice every day with companions under the supervision of a certified teacher.
  5. We Believe that singing,  music  and dance are integral parts of Capoeira.
  6. We Believe we should learn to play all the instruments of Capoeira and entertain the possibility of adding African instruments.
  7. We Believe we should sing in Portuguese or an African language.
  8. We Believe we all should visit Africa or Bahia one day
  9. We Believe our defenses and attacks must must be automatic and instinctive .
  10. . We Believe unmotivated acrobatics should be frowned upon.