From Southeast Asia

  1. Quarteto Os Pobres, Los Palos, Timor Leste
  2. Caci Whip Fighting from Ruteng, Indonesia
  3. Singer from Los Palos, Timor Leste
  4. School Children’s Dance from Flores, Indonesia
  5. School Children song from Flores, Indonesia
  6. Sword Dance from West Timor
  7. Butchering a whale in NTT, Indonesia
  8. Fretelin Political Demonstrations
  9. Girls’ Stick Dance from West Timor, Indonesia
  10. Modern Boys’ Dance from  West Timor, Indonesia
  11. Lavalon Guest House, Kupang Indonesia
  12. Sagi : Tinju Adat Desa Soa
  13. In search of the whale shark in Papua
  14. Komodo Dragons
  15. Rappers from Nabire, Papua
  16. Cutting fish in Nabire market
  17. Climbing a Pinang tree in Nabire
  18. Traditional Song from Wamena
  19. Songs from Papua, Indonesia (5)
  20. Whaling boats from Lamalera
  21. Butchering a Lumbalumba
  22. Songs by Konradus Heran (8)
  23. Sepak Bola Flores from Maumere
  24. Harimau Game from Maumere
  25. String Magic from Wuring