Sometimes referred as the tongue of the lion’s head (i.e. Senegal), The Republic of the Gambia, with a population of slightly over 1,883,000,  has an Atlantic coast but is otherwise completely surrounded by its neighbor, Senegal.  The population is primarily of Mandinka origin (40%), but the Wolof and Fula groups are also significant. BLAC Foundation interest here lies in the areas of a thriving griot musical tradition, and the abundance of numerous talented artists  and sculptors. For examples of griot performances see our recent video postings from West Africa. For examples of some of the artists and their works see the appropriate file under papers submitted. A former British colony, with its capital at Bathurst, English is the official language of the country but Mandinka and Wolof as well as Fula are widely spoken.

The People of Gambia (part 2)