Honduras – with a total land area of 121,500 sq. kilometers and a population of less than 5,000,000 souls – is home to an ethnically diverse population as well as a number of unique attractions including: pristine lagoons inhabited by manatee; spectacular fauna and flora; enchanting coral reefs, fascinating indigenous populations; and the magnificent Mayan ruins of Copán with its splendid stellae and fabulous hieroglyphic staircase. Of particular interest to the BLAC FOUNDATION is its Garifuna and Misquito coastal populations. These two groups of mixed African and Native American ancestry speak their own languages and strongly adhere to their unique traditions and customs. For more about these groups see Dr. E. Powe’s The Lore of the Caribbean, Part I: the Black Caribs.

CEIBENO AGRUPACION: ”Sambo Creek” tema original – punta