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  1. Street Styles: The Birth of HIP-Hop; Early Evolutions; The Years 1973-1983
    (c) 2018 Dr. James Frost
  2. BLAC World Leg 2 (Southern African and the Indian Ocean)
  3. My trip to Tamil Nadu 2016
  4. BLAC Foundation President Defeated in Food Challenge
  5. Return Journey to Central Africa 2015 – This link, with its 180 photos and over 40 videos, takes you on Dr. Edward Powe’s second journey to Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tomé & Principe.  Highlights include many exotic dishes,  spirited capoeira and maculele performances, various displays of Central African art and culture, and the CCEG’s second annual umlabalaba tournament. Enjoy!
  6. Journey to Guatemala – This link presents in words, photos, and videos,  Dr. Edward L. Powe’s  exciting journey to Guatemala from December 6, 2014 to January 13, 2015.
  7. Blogs from Sao Tomé – This link presents in words, photos, and videos,  Dr. Edward L. Powe’s  exciting journey to Sao Tomé. Highlights include the National Independence Day celebration, gastronomy,  and capoeira performances.
  8. Journey to Equatorial Guinea – This link presents in words, photos, and videos  Dr. Edward L. Powe’s   exciting visit to Equatorial Guinea in July and August,  2014. Highlights include The President’s Birthday Celebration, cultural performances, models, dances, and a Zulu Chess tournament.
  9. A Capoeira Graduation Ceremony Mozambique – This link presents Axé Merim’s Capoeira Graduation celebrated in 2013 in Maputo, Mozambique. It was filmed by Dr. Edward L. Powe and the capoeira master here is Mestre Pintinhas.
  10. A trip to Southern Africa and Mozambique – This link presents in words and photos Dr. Edward L. Powe’s  brief journey to Durban, South Africa and Maputo, Mozambique during the Christmas season of 2013. Highlights include celebrations and mouth-watering  food galore in both cities.
  11. Christmas Trip to Guatemala 2019-2020
  12. Images Chakra for Meditation
  13. Samadhi – Guided Meditation Series – Intro
  14. 2for1 Book Offer
  15. The 8 steps to Nirvana