Sumpthin good from Maumere (2)

Squid, vegetable dish and rice at home of Konradus Heran prepared by Maria.

A. The squid dish

1.Remove the intestines of the squid while washing.

2. Make the spice sauce by pounding garlic, onion, ginger and salt together.

3. Make a second tomato / chile sauce.

4. Heat a bit of oil in a frying pan and add  the two sauces. Then stir.

5. Add some water and the squid stir. Fry for about ten minutes.

B. The Vegetable Dish
Ingredients: four vegetables (carrots, long beans, blossom sprouts, and spinach), onion, chili pepper, garlic, aji moto seasoning, oil.

1. Peel carrots and wash long string beans.

2. Wash blossom sprouts.

3. Cut long beans into small sections.

4. Cut carrots as shown in video.

5. Mix the three vegetables together as you wash them.

6. Make spice by peeling onions and garlic and then cutting them to size for frying.

7. Place most of the onion and garlic in frying pan that has a little oil in it.

8. Cut chile peppers and add to remainder of onion and garlic. Then place in frying pan.

9. Put vegetables in frying pan and mix with spatula as shown in the video below.

10. Wash fourth leafy vegetable, cut, and add to frying pan. Then mix with spatula as shown in video below.

11. Add aji moto and stir in with spoon.

C. The rice


1. Sift and clean rice

2. Add water and place on fire as shown in the video below.

3. Husking and Shelling Coconut.

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