Sumpthin Good from Guinea – Conakry

Poisson au Forestier”

This dish was prepared by two university students [see photo below] from the Forest region of Guinea-Conakry: Nikavagui Kalamo (23 years old from Zawasama Guinea) and Fdekala Tono (25 years old from Guekelu, Guinea)

Ingredients – manioc (nyame), fish (4), onions (2), garlic (4 cloves), pepper, salt, magi cube, peanut oil.


    1. Peel manioc;

  1. Wash & cut manioc;

  1. Prepare fire to boil manioc;

  2. Boil peeled manioc in a pot;

  3. Scale and clean fish;

  4. Fry fish in peanut oil in a pot;

  5. Remove fish from pot;

  6. Put the boiled manioc in the pot where fish was frying;

  7. Add water and cook for 10 minutes;

  8. Cut onions and garlic in a cup and add water to the cup;

  9. Add the garlic and the onion to the pot but not the water;

  10. Lay  fish over the cooking manioc and add pepper and magi;

  11. Let cook for another five minutes and serve. Yum, yum, delicious!

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