African Art by Dr. H.J. Drewal

  1. Ase and the Senses in Understandings of Yoruba Arts and Culture
  2. Cosmos and Culture: Yoruba Arts for Divinities, Ancestors, and Guests
  3. Crowning Achievements: Ciffures and Personhood
  4. Senses in Understandings of Art
  5. The Meaning of Osugbo Art: A Resppraisal
  6. A Spectacle of Miracles-Lamp
  7. Yoruba Art and Aesthetics
  8. Beads, Body, And Soul
  9. Art & Perception of Women
  10. Composing Time & Space
  11. Art and Divination Among The Yoruba
  12. Mami Wata Preview
  13. African Art-CSU-AA
  14. African Artistry
  15. Art or Accident-Africa’s Ogun New
  16. Image & Indeterminacy-Elephant-Animal and Ivory