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The BLAC Foundation is currently accepting electronically submitted papers, videos and art dealing with all subjects from a Black perspective including cuisine, religion, health issues, literature (short stories, essays), language, linguistics, political science, culture, etc. All Papers should ideally be from 8-12 pages in length, but can be longer or shorter. The true name of the author and the title of the paper must be included. Submissions dealing with “Black Martial Arts” can still be submitted, and should minimally discuss the “what, where, when, who, how and why of the chosen art” as well as provide relevant information about the author and how the information was obtained (i.e. personal research, references and readings). “Black Poetry” and “Rap Lyric” Submissions should be original and include the name, address and personal information of the composer and his/her company. In addition to the lyrics, the submitter should provide a prose explanation of the message it transmits and the author’s reasons for composing it.

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Submission of Papers

Note to Readers/Submitters: The copyright of all articles submitted to BLACFOUNDATION belongs to the submitter. All articles (with possible slight editing) will be presented as submitted because it is the avowed philosophy of the site (as Max Van Mahen once wrote) “to let that which shows itself to be seen from itself in the very way in which it shows itself from itself.”

If a paper is selected to be included in the thematical electronic or hard copy journals the selected paper may be edited only with the permission of and in conjunction with the submitter. While this site neither has nor desires a chat page, the reader is encouraged to address comments or criticisms about each submission directly to the submitter and the submitter is likewise encouraged to either respond or take such responses into consideration when finalizing his / her electronic journal submission.

To submit a paper via email, send to, or mail a hard copy to:

Ed Powe
530 W Johnson St. #604,
Madison, WI 53703

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