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  1. WISLI Black Martial Arts paper presentation
  2. IRIS Graduate Student Summer Fieldwork Award
  3. Celebrating IRIS/BLAC Foundation Summer Fieldwork Awardees!
  4. Hip Hop Healing Circle
  5. 2023 Digital Salon Showcase Exhibition
  6. Personalized Cup
  7. 2for1 Book Offer
  9. 10 Countries with the LARGEST Black Populations Outside Africa
  10. YORUBA people are AMAZING!!! (facts about the Yoruba people of Nigeria)
  11. PERFORMING BODY, MIND, SPIRIT: Community Healing in the Time of #BLM, Anti-Asian Violence & BIPOC Solidarity!
  12. 10 Strongest Tribes in Africa
  13. Top 10 Lies Told About Africa
  14. Where Do Afro-Descendants Come From: A History Of Identity
  15. African Countries Outside of Africa
  16. Countries with largest African Diaspora
  17. History of Black Men: A Philosophical Approach
  18. White Supremacy in the US
  19. New BLAC Foundation Occasional Papers Series
  20. Top 10 African Contributions To World Civilization
  21. Senegal City, NY
  22. Fairytale: The Pointer Sisters’ Family Story
  23. BLAC Foundation Presents Check to IRIS
  24. X Prize News
  25. Photos of ACRIDES presentations
  26. One-country-ten-destinations
  27. Africa in Our Lives: Edward L. Powe
  28. Interview with Founding-President of BLAC Foundation
  29. BLAC Foundation Blogs
  30. The BLAC Foundation’s New Private Channel
  31. “Sumpthin Good from ….” competition – The “Sumpthin good from …” competition is designed to give our readers an opportunity to exchange their favorite  “black” recipes. If your entry is deemed by our judges to be more sumptuous  than the rest, you will be sent an “Early African Presence in NYC kit” (as described on our website in #3 below) free of charge. Use the submission made by Eddie Faulk (#1 under papers submitted / black cuisine/ sumpthin good from… competition) as your model. Note that a submission in that format will also satisfy the prerequisite requirement (i.e. the submission of a paper) for competing in our annual $500 research grant. We are all eagerly  looking forward to hearing from you and in tasting your special dish.
  32. Century and Millennium Clubs – These two clubs were established in 2009 to recognize and reward foundation supporters for their financial contributions to the foundation. Those donors who make a single contribution of $100 or more (but less than $1000) gain membership in the “century club”, and those who make a single contribution of $1000 or more are enrolled in the “millennium club”. As a member of either club supporters will receive an “Early African Presence in New York” kit (as advertised on this site) , access to our private channel until December 31st of the year of their donation, a small gift from our BLAC World, and a lifetime listing as a CENTURION on our website. He/she, will also be eligible for other gifts and subscriptions as they are developed..  In 2010 the foundation made t-shirts for current club members and there are other planned items on the horizon such as electronic newsletters (to replace our current blogs)),, electronic journals, etc. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible and so all donors, upon request, will receive certified confirmation of their contribution for IRS purposes.
  33. Educational Programs – Early African Presence in New York.
  34. For carefully selected YouTube videos put on your ear phones, click on the flag of your choice and then open the link(s) beneath it.