Black History

  1. Ironic Results of the end of the Transatlantic Slave trade © Jamel Brown
  2. Quilombo Movie vs. Historical Reality © Elaine Dorough Johnson
  3. Diaspora of Liberated African Slaves © Julien Durup 2010
  4. Pompee © Julien Durup 2010
  5. Historical Contributions by Afro- Americans © 2013 Konan Amani
  6. The First World War:and its aftermaths in the Seychelles © 2014 Julien Durup
  7. “Kamwana and his wife Annie” © Julien Durup
  8. Theorizing Oral Tradition: Jan Vansina And Beyond © 2018  Dr. Pamphile Mabiala
  9. Theorizing Oral Tradition: Jan Vansina And Beyond – Slides © 2018  Dr. Pamphile Mabiala
  11. Articles by Dr. Sabelo J Ndlovu-Gatsheni (26)
  12. México: una cronología básica © 2020 Jesús Alvarado Cuevas
  13. America Wasn’t a Democracy, Until Black Americans Made It One © 2019 Nikole Hannah-Jones
  14. Black Morocco: A History of Slavery, Race, and Islam
  15. Ivan Watkins talk about Black Indians
  16. Guatemala: Proclamation of the Mayan Peoples in the face of forced displacement caused by capitalism
  17. History of Black Oppression
  18. Peopling the Pacific

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