Black Poetry

Black Poetry

According to Wikipedia (“the free on-line encyclopedia”), poetry is traditionally an oral or written communication “in which human language is used for its aesthetic qualities in addition to, or instead of, its notional and semantic content.” Wikipedia goes on to say that “the deliberate use of features such as repetition, meter and rhyme, are what are commonly used to distinguish poetry from prose, but debates over such distinctions still persist.” Poetry often uses condensed forms to convey an emotion or an idea to the reader or listener as well as poetic devices such as assonance (repetition of vowel sounds), alliteration (repetition of consonant sounds), meter, repetition, imagery and word association. Poetry (i.e. versification) can be used either to evoke emotions or to tell stories (see sample submissions #1, #2, and #3, below).

Black poetry is poetry (as defined above) dealing with Black themes (Black history, the Black struggle, Black joys, Black sorrows and tribulations, Black Pride, Being Black, etc.) and the BLAC FOUNDATION is currently soliciting contributions which, if selected, will appear in the Foundations thematic journal.

Sample Black Poetry (Adventures of Waburi)

Sample Black Poetry (Adventures of Don Aiki)

Sample Black Poetry (The Saga of Sangor)

Black Poetry – Full Submissions
none of these poems are to be copied or reproduced
without the artist’s permission

By Angela Brown (6)

By Kefentse Xeexkat (3)

By Fabu (5)

By Filipo Lubua (2)

By Jesus Esono Esono (10)

Club de Poesia de Bata Guinea Ecuatorial (5)

By Hazel Symonette (3)

By Ibrahims Kone (3)

By SWS (9)

By Tammy L. Brown (2)

By Ed Powe (10)

By J Vern Cromartie (3)

By Others (19)

Submission of Papers

Note to Readers/Submitters: The copyright of all articles submitted to BLACFOUNDATION belongs to the submitter. All articles (with possible slight editing) will be presented as submitted because it is the avowed philosophy of the site (as Max Van Mahen once wrote) “to let that which shows itself to be seen from itself in the very way in which it shows itself from itself.”

If a paper is selected to be included in the thematical electronic or hard copy journals the selected paper may be edited only with the permission of and in conjunction with the submitter. While this site neither has nor desires a chat page, the reader is encouraged to address comments or criticisms about each submission directly to the submitter and the submitter is likewise encouraged to either respond or take such responses into consideration when finalizing his / her electronic journal submission.

To submit a paper via email, send to, or mail a hard copy to:

Ed Powe
530 West Johnson
Apt. 202
Madison, WI 53703