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  1. Lies About Lybia © 2011 Fritz Pointer
  2. Enemy at the Gate © 2019 by Fritz Pointer
  3. THE IRONY OF DEMOCRACY © 2020 by Fritz Pointer
  4. Voting Rights and The Supreme Court © 2020 by Fritz Pointer
  5. Foreign Policy Mirrors Domestic Policy © 2020 by Fritz Pointer
  6. Pitfalls of Nationalism & Sovereignty © 2020 by Fritz Pointer
  7. Voting Rights and The Supreme Court, v2 © 2020 by Fritz Pointer
  8. United Nations Charter Review (Article 109-3) © 2020 by Fritz Pointer
  9. Dumping Toxic Waste in Africa: Environmental Racism and Violation of Human Rights © 2020 by Fritz Pointer
  10. UN Human Rights Commissioner to Probe Racist Violence in the United States © 2021 by Fritz Pointer
  11. U.S.A. vs. China & Russia: Zero-Sum or Win-Win? © 2021 by Fritz Pointer
  12. Police Crimes Against Humanity © 2021 by Fritz Pointer
  13. Critical Race Theory © 2021 by Fritz Pointer
  14. Government is the Ultimate Teacher: Buffalo, Uvalde, Ramallah and Ukraine
  15. GIMS & Sting – Reste

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