Boiled Buddy Burger from Madison, WI

Poached egg plus on purple Cabbage leaves –

Try this boiled buddy burger for lunch!

Ingredients –
one onion roll or bagel, 2 purple or green cabbage leaves,  one hamburger paddy, a handful of chopped green salad leaves, + (optional ) slice of onion and/or, tomato, salt, garlic pepper lemon pepper.

Preparation –
Place 2 to 3 purple or green cabbage leaves into a small frying pan that has been 2/3 filled with water. Bring to a boil.

Place hamburger paddy on seasoned cabbage leaves. Cover and continue to boil until burger is cooked.

Place the boiled burger with or without the cabbage leaf on ½ bagel or on onion roll.  Add salt, pepper and /or hot sauce to taste and place a handful of cut salad on top.

Consume with coffee or tea! Umm hmm good! and it has less cholesterol! since you are cooking with water instead of oil.

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