Buba Ceesay

Buba Ceesay – A Mandinka sand artist par excellance, Buba (the son of Solo Cessay and Nato Cessay) was born in 1977 in Banjul, The Gambia. The fourth born of six siblings (3 boys and 3 girls), Buba has no formal public school education. Indeed, his only formal education comes from the 4 years he spent in Koranic school as a young child. In 1992, a friend of his named Njaye taught him how to make sand art, jewelry, and macos (an African musical instrument). He then established a studio in the front of his home and he now earns a living from the sale of his art.

His sand art is really superb and in addition to an umlabalaba board, which he made according to our design, he creates beautiful images of people and landscapes using different colors of sand which he has to look for in different villages. He gets his black and white sand from Bejulo, yellow sand from Laterikunda, red from Bacau, and green from Banjul. To get the color grey he mixes black and white sand together and mixes black and red to get brown. If he mixes all the colors together he gets chocolate. To get the color blue he uses white sand plus coloring.

In order to create sand art, he employs plywood as a canvas which he paints white. He then draws in pencil the image he wants to create upon the white surface. Then he uses a small brush to coat various parts of the image with a white glue before sprinkling the glue after a few seconds with the sand color of his choice.

His studio is in Kachicaly (Bacau) near the crocodile pool and his telephone number is 9984108.

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