Centro Artistico Juvenil – Bissau

Centro Artistico Juvenil –  was founded in 1976 by father Battiste Armano to give the youth of Bissau (both the city and especially the provinces) a dignified way of earning money so that the majority of them (who are students) can finance their studies. In the beginning all of the work was in the form of traditional wooden sculptures and musical instruments; but in recent years some of the young men began to specialize in sacred sculptures of Christian images from an African perspective. The center was originally sponsored by the Catholic Diocese but it is now an independent operation operated and managed by the students themselves. The current president of the organization is a Balanta youth by the name of Omelo Armindo Monteiro.  Now 27 years old, he is from Bissau City and has been working at center for the past 11 years.  He is in his first year of a three year presidential term. He is assisted in his administration by Gilberto Arturo Indak, a 29 year old youth from Bubaque in the Bijagos archipielago who has been at the center since he was 16. The center is currently in need of financial assistance to: 1) acquire a lap top computer (used or new); 2) $1,000 US dollars to repair the generator that no longer functions; 3) $500 to buy wood; and 4) partners to help them sell their creations. Those interested in helping with any f these needs can contact Omelo by phone in Guinea Bissau at [245] 5555 336 and Gilberto’s phone number is [245] 5527 862. They can also be contacted by e-mail at: carjuvenil@yahoo.com.br  The mailing address is: Centro Artistico Juvenil / Avenida Combatente de Liberdade da Patria / Caixa Postal 313 / Guinea-Bissau / West Africa. The center  also has a telephone number: [245] 320-14-26. Any help in any of these domains would be greatly appreciated.

Centro artistic juvenile – Bissau gallery