Centurion: Dr. Henry Drewal

Since his CASVA Fellowship in 2020, Henry has continued research and writing for his book on Sensiotics, and has published articles on several topics including: 1) the beadwork of Joyce J. Scott; 2) the sacred powers of Yorùbá women; and 3) the curating of African Atlantic art. He also recently gave a course on African art and architecture in the British Virgin Islands.

After retiring, Henry also donated 8 of his films for posting on our website

and recently, the department of art history where he once taught has honored him by establishing a Fellowship in his name (for which see below)


Henry plans to continue writing and lecturing as well as keep active, as an artist, by creating ceramics, wood sculptures, and “funky birdhouses.” Who said you can’t be productive after retirement? We wish him well. Please join me in encouraging Henry “to keep on truckin… !”