Colleen Jones-Powe

In Loving Memory of Colleen Jones-Powe

She had it all. A smile that would bright up the room as she stepped in, a twinkle in her eye when talking about the many things that would excite her –especially about education for all— and a personal sense of style (that she would often deny she had), never afraid of colors or statement accessories that matched her cheerful personality. Colleen was one of a kind.

Thoughtful. Caring. Loving. Empathetic. Charming. Generous. Welcoming. Helpful. Selfless. The Teacher’s Book of Lists, one of Colleen’s favorite resources for work, would run out of adjectives to describe this remarkable woman.

She displayed an unbelievable capacity for empathy that, linked to her generosity of spirit, would translate into innumerous random acts of kindness. Ready to help always, friend or stranger, anyone who was in need —providing moral support, or working shoulder to shoulder, or offering money or goods, or simply sharing a good anecdote to cheer one up— Colleen touched many lives. She was “social-emotional support” before we had a term for it.

A life-long learner, she loved traveling and was always interested in acquiring a new expression in another language and adopting it as part of her repertoire (“ishma”, “delicioso”, “polepole”), or in finding out more about the culture and the people she met along the way. Her curiosity and hunger for knowledge was infinite.

Her voyages ended in Patterson, NY, next to the man who was her traveling companion for most of her life, Reggie. There are no words to express how much we will all miss her.