Dominica – known as “the Nature Island of the Caribbean” – is a beautiful English-speaking island nation nestled between the French-speaking islands of Martinique (to the south) and Guadeloupe (to thenorth). Geologically speaking, it is a “high island” characterized by towering mountains, cascading waterfalls, lush tropical rain-forests, numerous rivers, fertile soil, exotic flora and fauna, and an abundance of tasty fruits and vegetables. Of particular interest to the BLAC FOUNDATION is the fact that Dominica is still home to some 3,500 Caribs that largely reside in a Reserve located on the northeastern shore of the island. These Caribs (like the Garífunas of St. Vincent) are an interesting mixture of Black and Indian ancestry. The remaining population is largely of African ancestry. For more about Dominica see Dr. E. Powe’s The Lore of the Caribbean, Part I: the Black Caribs.

People of Dominica featuring Lucky Dube