Dr. Edward L. Powe

Dr. Edward L. Powe [see brief biography below] has a Ph.D. in African Languages and Literature, an M.A. in Linguistics / Arabic, and a B.A. in Spanish / Portuguese In addition to his native English, he is conversant in 9 foreign languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Hausa, Kiswahili, Bahasa Indonesia, and Malagasy) and has a structural knowledge of several others. He particularly prides himself in his ability to convert prose narratives to metric verse and in all of his writings [see listing of published titles below] aspires to promote the affirmation of ‘black” humanity.

Dan Aiki Publications


Samples of his narrative poetry are provided in the link below. For those interested in purchasing his work he can be contacted by e-mail edpowe1@hotmail.com
Sample narrative “powetry”