Sumpthin good from East and West Africa

East Africa Meets West Africa & Diaspora

  1. Tuwo – a Hausa staple dish prepared by Nura Abubkar a 29 year old university student from Gombe, Nigeria.


Ingredients – Water & maize flour (note maize flour can be substituted by wheat or millet)

Preparation – a) fill ¼ of pot with water and boil; b) mix flour with cold water to have ¼ of a pot; c) pour this mixture into boiling water and stir; d) stir constantly with wooden spoon until stiff (about 15 minutes or less) over a medium flame.

  1. Sukumawiki & Ugali – a Swahili dish prepared by David Lukhaci, a 26 year old university student from Vihiga County in Western Kenya.


Ingredients – onion, tomatoes, kale cilantro (coriander), salt, cooking oil.

Preparation – a) heat oil in pot and add diced onions; b) fry until onions are golden brown; c) add salt and sliced tomatoes to pot, d) stir until tomatoes are cooked; e) add kale to pot and cook for three minutes; f) stir contents until well mixed; g) serve with rice or hot ugali.


Ingredientsmaize flour, water, (optional butter & salt).

Preparation – a) half fill pot with water and bring to boil; b) add flour and wait until water boils again; c) constantly stir with wooden spoon; add more flour as you continue to stir; d) keep adding flour while stirring until you have a thick consistency; e) reduce heat and keep stirring until it is almost solid; f) to test if it is ready take a small amount out, roll into a small ball, and throw it at a wall, if it sticks to wall it is not yet ready; g) serve with vegetable, beef soup, or chicken.

Roast Chicken – Roast a chicken or better yet purchase a ready-made one from Capitol Food Store. Serve these four dishes together with wine and/or soft drinks and enjoy!