English Translation of Lyrics to Rap Song

Capoeira was born when a hunter discovered he could convert his body into a trap.
Capoeira is an art of African origin, hear! hear! hear! hear!
Those who say it was slaves used their feet  because their hands were in chains lied.
Lied! Lied!

Today we are simply reclaiming our rights to ownership
That for centuries were captured by Brazilians.
Nationalist riters of African culture
Kidnapped Capoeira when they couldn’t abolish it.

Thus, among other things, occurred with Capoeira
Born in Africa and later exported
Directly to Brazil where it received a new name
Thanks to the resistance of slaves at that time.

When their virtues and beliefs were banned
And when seen in exhibitions severely punished

Then from where cme that ime to create it?
One of the obvious lapses in its history.

Why don’t they dispute the origin of the Portuguese language
With the same force that they exert for the origin of Capoeira?
I think it is more difficult to dominate Portuguese grammar
Than to analyze the drum beats of African drums.

Capoeira … was born in Africa
Capoeira is an African dance.
Capoeira was born in Africa.
Capoeira is an African fight.

With the affair of the Portuguese language
They dispense with arguments
But when it comes to Capoeira they falsify documents.
Everything to deny its African origins
Demoting that which is African in the majority of the pages.

Of published books with an imperfect content
With stories badly begun that will not have a good result
If truly the beginning was an error and not omission
Of the whitening of the channels of information.

I repeat, Capoeira comes from Africa
It was only dubbed Capoeira iand developed n Brazil
Ths does not mean that it lost its origins,
But simply that it evolved removed from its origins.

In Africa practitioners were hunters and iron workers
That defended the nation against foreign aggression
Using three movements – flight (evasion), arming a trap
And  releasing the trap in this order of combat.

apoeira … was born in Africa
Capoeira is an African dance.
Capoeira was born in Africa.
Capoeira is an African fight.

A father who adopts  will  never be a biological father
Even though the child is made economically healthy.
Blood is what speaks, color is not a measurement of parenthood
Capoeira is not racist although it suffered from racism.

Certain social classes who always tried to ban it.
While it potentiality slept in Bahia.
But today that Capoeira has awakened and evoked it value
These same people claim to be the original creator.


This song was composed by Junior Polvo in 2017 as a result of a request by the BLAC Foundation. Its objective is to emphasize, affirm, the Africanicity of capoeira, a patrimony contested by a segment of the Brazilian population. We hope that you are convinced of this truth, and also, welcome comments from all. Mike On!