Eric G. Powe

I was working a desk job in my 30s . The next thing I knew I was 300 lbs by 40 . After a brief illness it was time to do something about the weight gain. Reaching out, I got re-acquainted with a friend in the fitness industry who was a great help and inspiration. Using his body weight workouts, and diet modifications I was able to loose a total of 120l lbs.

Photo credit 3M Company/Collin Powe

The above  “before ” photo was taken when Eric was 40 and the after photo was taken when he was 52

He is  currently 62 years old born as he was born 1958.

Eric continued to improve his physique over the years and from the additional photos you will see below you will easily note that he becomes more defined and muscular each year.

The infomercials were after these.

JCORE was a big part of my weight loss. The program was created by Jay Cardiello. Some of his clients were 50 Cent, Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lopez. He was also contributing editor to numerous fitness magazines. The premise of the program involved 20 to 40 -minute workouts, no equipment, 4×4 space – all you need is your body.
Lose up to 30-lbs in 40 days
Creator Jay Cardiello, voted top 60 in health & wellness worldwide.

And his photo shoot followed at 54.

[insert photo shoot]

This was followed by a magazine article,

[Insert magazine article]

His first competition was at 55.

[insert photos of first competition]

And over the following 7 years he obtained NGA, NPC, and IFBB amateur licences.