Federacao Autónoma da Capoeira Africana

FACA (Federacao Autónoma da Capoeira Africana) is an umbrella term that represents various capoeira groupings around the world that hail Africa (rather than Brazil) as the birth place of Capoeira. Indeed, although Capoeira has existed in Brazil for nearly 500 years, it was originally brought there as a developed martial art by enslaved Africans and, therefore, was not a creation of Brazilian born slaves as many would like us to believe. While it is true that Capoeira has undergone many changes since its arrival on Brazilian soil, its underlying principles and philosophy are still distinctly African. Because of the eminence of Brazilian Capoeira (aka Capoeira Regional) and its globalization, however, the original art (Capoeira de Angola) is slowly becoming marginalized such that in a not too distant future the word “Capoeira” may very well lose its Africanicity
Because of the above, the BLAC Foundation has taken on the momentous task of serving as a mentor for those groups interested in preserving Capoeira de Angola as it was practiced for generations and ably taught by such Capoeira masters in Brazil as Alipio, Besouro, Pastinha, Caicara, Gato, Roque, etc.
The first step in this process was the inauguration of a mucamba (a grouping between 25 and 50 members) in Sao Joao dos Angolares where BLAC Foundation provided a work book and paid the salary of an instructor (from the Viagem ao Mundo Group of Sao Tomé) for three months of supervision. The second step was the servicing of another such grouping (Raca Negra) in Mozambique and the third step was the affiliation of a new capoeira group from Los Palos, Timor Leste. One step will follow another until there are representations in all nine Portuguese speaking nations of the world and possibly other locations as well. If, by chance the number of members of a given group surpasses 50, it will be given the official status of a quilombo otherwise it will be consideed to be a mucamba.

For those interested in obtaining a copy our official workbook Elementos Básicos de Capoeira de Angola or in scheduling a workshop, please contact edpowe1@hotmail.com. Please note also that we will soon be conducting workshops for certification as FACA instructors.