Fakebba Minteh

Fakebba Minteh – Born in 1977 in the Lower River region, (Keneba), Fakebba (of Mandinka origin) is the son of Suntru Ibrahim Aminte and Mabintu Sisse. Although he has seven brothers and three sisters, he is the only artist among them. His interest in art began at around age seven when he began drawing on the ground and on the walls of his home. Further inspiration came from his participation in art workshops in Bakau and Gaya and he has now been painting in his home in Bakau since 1997. He specializes in portraits and river-scapes in black and white acrylic, but also does abstract and isometric paintings as well as fashion designs on t-shirts. He presently survives solely through the sale of his artwork to Europeans, Americans and Gambians and can get 12,000 dalasi for a single painting. He extends to all an invitation to visit his studio in Bakau, The Gambia (about 100 meters from the Crocodile Pool) and can be contacted via e-mail at faminteh3@hotmail.com

Fakebba Minteh’s Gallery