Frango com polenta

(Rosilda Bezerra)

Introduction – Here Rosilda Bezerra, a Brazilian from Parana, prepares an exquisite plate of “chicken with coarsely ground corn meal” in Patterson, NY.

Ingredients – chicken, Goya con meal, lemon, onion, oregano, paprika, thyme, cilantro, minced garlic, tomato sauce, salt, egg, green leaf

Preparation of Frango – Season chicken with lemon and add various spices, for which see video below

Preparation of polenta – Fry chicken and (while chicken is frying) prepare polenta over low flame so as not to burn it as shown in the  video below.

Return to the frying of the chicken as polenta cooks. See below video.

Continue with frying of chicken and add final ingredients for which see the next video.

After chicken is almost done, add the ingredients as shown in the video below.

Return to polenta which has been cooking with a super-low flame.

To conclude add the chopped raw greens on top of the polenta when it is about to be served.

Serve and consume! Yummy!!