Sumpthin Good from Sao Tomé: Sopa de Micocó

(A Foro dish prepared by Dris Bahia Ceta Mena)


Ingredients: peixe vermelho (red fish), folha de micocó (micoco leaves), abóbora (pumpkin), matabala (a kina of tuber), sal (salt).


1. Peel matabala!

2. Peel abóbora!

3. Cut abóbora and matabala into small pieces!

4. Boil pumpkin and matabala in pot with water on stove!


5. Put boiled pieces in blender

6. Add water and return to fire.

7. Remove micoco leaves from stem

8. Wash leaves

9. Cut leaves into small pieces

10. Add leaves, and salt to boiling soup.

11. Clean fish

12. First place fish in vinegar bath and later dip in molho plate [containing alho (garlic), caldo de galinha (chicken bullion), vinegar, oil, and green pepper]


13. Grill fish and then break into small pieces

14. Add bullion and fish pieces to soup and cook for additional 10 minutes

15. Serve in small bowl!