Gilberto Muzilene Macave

The son of Rodrigues José Macave and Eva Maria Timani, Gilberto (the fifth born of nine siblings) was born in Maputo, Mozambique in 1985 where he completed his primary schooling. He began his secondary studies at ENAVE (Escola Nacional de Artes Visuais) in 2006 where he specialized in visual arts and textiles for 2 years. He then dropped out of school to earn money before resuming his studies in textiles in 2010. After doing some illustrations for The Saga of Shaka Zulu (A Dan Aiki Publications project), he switched his specialization in 2011 to graphic arts and hopes to graduate in 2014. His interest in art began at an early age when, as a toddler, he drew images on the ground and later continued with drawings in his school books. By 1999 he came to the realization that he should become an artist and began to create drawings using house paint which he sold in the street. His geometry teacher at that time, noting his interest and talent in art, encouraged him to enroll at ENAVE. Since 2011 he has completed several projects with Dan Aiki Publications (An Egyptian Creation Story, An Aboriginal Creation Story, Elementos Basicos da Capoeira de Angola and Cosmology of the Tao) and in 2012 won first prize in a FUNAE competition. Moreover, he has participated in several workshops and exhibitions in Maputo with other artists. He recently demonstrated his creativity by utilizing a new technique of his own creation which he calls “batik on canvas” (see pages from magazine article in link below). His cell phone number is 847770232 and he can be contacted by e-mail at

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