Invitation to Travel

In Central America between Mexico and Honduras lies Guatemala, the legendary garden of Paxil where “the men of corn” were first created. I invite you, the reader, to accompany me on a journey to this fascinating country where you will not only see it natural beauty; but also meet its present day inhabitants and witness their customs and daily activities. Moreover, you will also see what they eat and learn how to prepare some of the delightful dishes in your very own kitchen. On this journey (which took place from December 18 to January 18th,  2020) you will be exposed to over 200 photos and 50 videos all of which will enable you to vicariously experience all that I did and saw.

Highlights of the trip include visits to the  Kiche Maya in Chichicastenango, New Year celebrations with the  Black Caribs (Garifuna) in Livingston, and a stay with the Kekchi Mayans in the hidden lagoon in lake Izabal,  as well as a short trip to the Mayan ruins in Quirigua, ne of the country’s largest tourist attractions.  Throughout the trip you will be exposed to the culture of present day  indigenous Guatemalans and learn how to prepare their most delicious dishes (tapado and puliki).

If you are ready, grab a comfortable arm-chair and prepare to transport yourself into time and space to join me in Guatemala, what is considered by some to be a paradise on earth. Imagine the armchair tht you are in is actually a seat in a Spirit Airline  flight. Feel free to get up and get a sandwich  and a soft rink or perhaps a cup f coffee or tea and brin them back to your chair, Ater you’ve eaten your snack and are once again comfortably seated, close your eyes and imagine you are flying from your city of residence to Gatemala City. When you open them again you are ready to begin your vicarious journey.

O, I almost forgot. Since this journey is only accessible through our private channel, you need a ticket (in the form of a password) to embark. All Centurions after whose name appears the year 2019 or 2020 will receive (upon request) the password at no cost. Others who wish to take part on this journey are required to update their membership with a donation $100 to the Foundation.  A Donation can be made by sending a check payable to the BLAC Foundation to

Edward L. Powe
530 W Johnson St #604
Madison, WI 53703

To make this offer sweeter, the same ticket (password) will also enable you to travel vicariously on 6 exciting trips to Tamil Nadu, Sao Tome, Central Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Southern Africa and Mozambique until January 1st, 2021

Return Journey to Central Africa 2015 – This link, with its 180 photos and over 40 videos, takes you on Dr. Edward Powe’s second journey to Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tomé & Principe.  Highlights include many exotic dishes,  spirited capoeira and maculele performances, various displays of Central African art and culture, and the CCEG’s second annual umlabalaba tournament. Enjoy!

Journey to Guatemala – This link presents in words, photos, and videos,  Dr. Edward L. Powe’s  exciting journey to Guatemala from December 6, 2014 to January 13, 2015.

Blogs from Sao Tomé – This link presents in words, photos, and videos,  Dr. Edward L. Powe’s  exciting journey to Sao Tomé. Highlights include the National Independence Day celebration, gastronomy,  and capoeira performances.

Journey to Equatorial Guinea – This link presents in words, photos, and videos  Dr. Edward L. Powe’s   exciting visit to Equatorial Guinea in July and August,  2014. Highlights include The President’s Birthday Celebration, cultural performances, models, dances, and a Zulu Chess tournament.

A trip to Southern Africa and Mozambique – This link presents in words and photos Dr. Edward L. Powe’s  brief journey to Durban, South Africa and Maputo, Mozambique during the Christmas season of 2013. Highlights include celebrations and mouth-watering  food galore in both cities.

My trip to Tamil Nadu 2016 – Moreover, you will also have access to the electronic book about Hip Hop written by Centurion  Dr. Jimmie Frost

Street Styles: The Birth of HIP-Hop; Early Evolutions; The Years 1973-1983

as well as an exciting and historic Capoeira graduation ceremony from Mozambique


A Capoeira Graduation Ceremony Mozambique – This link presents Axé Merim’s Capoeira Graduation celebrated in 2013 in Maputo, Mozambique. It was filmed by Dr. Edward L. Powe and the capoeira master here is Mestre Pintinhas.

Finally you will be able to see my defeat in a Food Challenge, conducted in an all-you-can-eat restaurant in New Jersey where Centurion Andrea Newton was declared the winner.

BLAC Foundation President Defeated in Food Challenge

Stay strong! And remember even though you may be unable to physically travel now because of the Corona virus scare, you can travel vicariously via the BLAC Foundation’s private channel.

Moreover, the cost of these trip to me was over  $10,000 and you get to do all of them for a mere $100 which will be used to fund our various new and old  projects for which see Research Activities on our website.