This land-locked nation in southeast Africa borders Zambia in the northwest, Tanzania in the northeast, and Mozambique in the east, west and south.
Its dominant feature is lake Malawi which teams with fish, a vital food source to a population of over fifteen million souls. Malawi is home to a number of ethnic groupings all of which have distinct languages and cultures. The main groups are the Chewa (32.6%), Lomwe (17.6%), Yao (13.5%), Ngoni (11.5%), Tumbuka (8.8%), Nyanja (5.8%), Sena (3.6%), Tonga (2.1%), and Ngonda (1%). 
All other groups combined only constitute 3.5% of the population. The capital of Malawi is Lilongwe. The Foundation is particularly interested in the Ngoni group, which traces its origin to Nguni people who fled from South Africa during the reign of Shaka Zulu.

Lake Malawi National Park (UNESCE/ NAK)