Nezó – Joao Carlos

Nezó –  Joao Carlos (the father of 2 sons and a daughter ranging in age from 14 to 23)  was born in 1964 in Sao Joao dos Anglares (Sao Tomé & Príncipe) where he completed 12 years of schooling.  After completing his studies in Sao Tomé he went to Cuba at 15 years of age and remained there for 7 years. While there he studied sistemas electrónicos industriales and graduated in 1986. He then went to Portugal for two years where he studied drawing, painting, and ceramics and received his Certificate of Completion of Studies in Lisbon. He returned to Sao Tomé at the age of 25 and lived from his art for 20 years (1991 – 2011). He then exercised the post of vice-president of the District of Cawe Chamber (2010 – 2014) and is presently (2012 – 2014) the responsavel técnico of Agripalama. Nezó has many talents: 1) he does sculpturing in wood, stone, and bronze; 2) does oil paintings on canvas; 3)  is a gifted singer and guitar player; and 4) has studied karate and Judo in Cuba and full-contact in Portugal. Moreover, he is presently expanding his expansive home in Sao Joao to include a restaurant and rooms to let.  He can be contacted by e-mail at

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