One country – ten destinations


The other day I ran into an american, named Edward. He is a retired teacher, who studied 16 languages.
Currently he’s on a 2 year journey around the BLAC world. (Black Languages Art Culture)
In every country he goes to, he suggests activities for kids & teenagers in all kinds of social institutions like, High schools, primary schools, daycare centers,… He teaches them to play different games:
– “UMLABALABA” Zulu Chess, for the developement of cognitiv skills
– Simon, an electronic device to improve short term memory
– Soldier game, for eyes and hands coordination
– Magic, for development of observation skills
– Eye of shiva game, for developing intuitive knowledge
As I was really impressed by what he does, I invited him to come to the day center in Tira Chapéu. It was fun with Edward 😄

He is also the president of the BLAC Foundation.
For more informations you can visit his page:

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