Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia – with a total land area of 238 sq. miles – is a volcanic island with a lush mountainous interior and a leeward coast (home to most of the population) that is peppered with beautiful beaches and small bays. The windward coast, on the other hand, has an irregular pounding coastline where the population is much less dense. This island nation lies between Martinique to the north and St. Vincent to the south. and has a population that is 90% of African descent. The remaining 10% is composed of persons of mixed African, European and Carib origin. With respect to BLAC FOUNDATION interest, St. Lucia is the home of the famous Black Brigands comprised largely of runaway slaves (Maroons), colored Creoles (form neighboring islands) and white revolutionary Frenchmen that ruled St. Lucia from June 1795- to May 1796. For more about the Brigands see Dr. E. L. Powe’s The Lore of the Caribbean, Part I: the Black Caribs.

St.Lucia Carnival 2007