Sidime Sidikiba

Sidime Sidikiba – the son of Elhaji Lamin Sidime and Kante Maninkoro (both of Malinke origin) – was born in Kankan in 1938. Of 18 siblings sired by his father, Sidime and two others are the only ones still living. He did not begin schooling until 1962 and then only studied seven years before dropping out.

He learned how to sculpture from his father in Kankan and later founded his own workshop i

n Conakry that employs some 250 artists. He specializes in huge statues carved from bois rouge (mahogany), and has held exhibitions in Germany (2000), Japan (2005), and China (2010). He has also travelled to the US to sell pieces in New York, New Jersey, Washington, Ls Angeles and Seattle. Among the many visitors he has had at his shop in Conakry, he notes Jimmy Carter, a former president of the US.

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Village Artisanal
Maitre Sculpteur
BP 782 –Conakry
Republique de Guinee

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