Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands – comprised of nearly 1,000 islands, atolls, and cays – lies in the “Pacific Ring of Fire” and constitutes the third largest archipelago in the South Pacific. This scattered double chain of islands is divided into seven provinces some of which are mountainous and heavily forested while others are low-lying coral atolls. Over 93% of it population (280,000) is of Melanesian origin. The remaining 7% is compose dof Polynesians (4%), and the remaining 3% is divided almost equally between Micronesians, Asians, and Europeans. Of particular interest to the BLAC FOUNDATION here is the Kwaio-speaking people of Central Malaita who “have chosen to follow the ways of their ancestors amd to continue to live according to the religion of their forefathers.” For more information about the Kwaio relion se Roger M. Keesing’s 1977 publivation entitled Kwaio Religion . For more about the Solomon Islands, see Dr. E. Powe’s The Lore of Melanesia: A First Draft.

Solomon Islands Pan Pipes Narasirato

Traditional dancing from Lifou, New Caledonia