Sumpthin good from Brazil: Cachorro quente

Cachorro Quente Brasileiro (Brazilian Hotdog)

1. Ingredients – eggs, hot dogs, turkey bacon, pepperoni, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, potato straws, cheese, canned corn, hamburger rolls, cheese, tomatoes, (onion).

2. Preparation

a. Boil hotdogs 

b. Fry eggs, and turkey bacon

c. Flip over eggs

d. Lightly boil pepperoni and then fry with mozzarella cheese on top

3. Layering of roll

a. Put mayonnaise on roll

b. Place egg on turkey bacon

c. Add pepperoni

d. Slice hotdog and add to sandwich hotdog

e. Add tomato

f. Add ketchup & mustard

g. Add mayonnaise

h. Add lettuce

i. Add tomato

j. Add corn

k. Add more mayonnaise

l. Add potato straws

m. Add turkey bacon, mayonnaise and tomato

n. Add optional slice of raw onion

4. Finished product

5. Consumption

a. Eat 

b. Dance 

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