Costela fogo de chao

(Mizael, Wesley,& Cassio)

Introduction – Here a Bazilian trio (Mizael, Wesley,& Cassio) prepare  long ribs  using a traditional double-fire in Patterson, NY.

Preparation & Position of fire – Make a construction with wood as shown in the below photos and place a small open tin filled with gasoline within the base of the structure.

Pour gasoline over the structure

The meat will be placed midway between the twin fires

Now light the fire!

Preparation and placement of Meat – Prepare table with cellophane covering for purposes of hygiene

Remove long ribs from packaging

Place meat on prepared table

And attach the meat to the special support used to fix it between the two fires

Apply a blend of cachaca (Bazilian rum) and salt on the meat

Then place the apparatus midway between the 2 fires

Removal of meat from fire – Allow the meat to cook from the inside out. This occurs because the fire is sufficiently far from the meat not to burn the skin. After about 2 hours test the meat with a long fork.

After 6 hours the meat can be removed and the cooked meat separated from the yet uncooked part

The undone portion is then returned to the fire for further cooking

After 8 hours between the two fires, the last bits of the now crispy meat are cut off the bones to be served.

Consumption – As you can imagine, the meat is consumed over intervals, with the crispiest prt attached to the bones eaten last. Photos of the initial consumption are represented below.

After returning the meat to the fire for the third time. The ribs can be separated from he meat by hand.

Finally you have me sucking on one of the delicious bones.

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