Sumpthin Good from Bijagos, Guinea Bissau

“Roasted Oysters + Oyster Soup”


Maria Armando dos Santos

Roasted Oysters + Oyster Soup – Prepared by Maria Armando dos Santos whose mother (Diamantina Benluz) is Balanta and whose father is from Cabo Verde. Her husband is a fisherman (Lopes Tavares) and she has 4 children: Prudencio (10), Valeria (8), Jose (5) and Florida (20 months).

Divide the barnacles into two separate buckets:

Roasted Oysters

  1. put barnacles over a flame without washing them;

  1. heat on charcoal flame then remove and scrape out oyster with a knife;

  1. make dip with onion, garlic, lemon, malgueta (piri piri) or vinegar.

  2. place oysters in dip and consume

for oyster soup

  1. wash barnacles and boil in a pot on a stove;

  1. remove barnacles from water, and add chopped onion and chopped garlic and chopped nenebadajo (if cauliflour not available) to the pot of water;

  1. while pot is still boiling, remove oyster meat from barnacles you just removed;
  2. add macaroni and oil to boiling oyster water and add more water if necessary;
  3. put the cut out oysters in the soup and add salt to taste.
  4. add “never die” and other ingredients

  5. the dish is now ready to serve & consume

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