Sumpthin good from Guatemala: Spaghetti & Meatballs

Spaghetti and Meatballs with Mushrooms – Note this a time-consuming and unusual way of preparing pasta, meat sauce, and meat balls; but the extra effort results in a truly exquisite dish.

1. Introduction and Ingredients

2. Preparing the pasts

3. Grill tomatoes

4. Begin making the past

5. Begin preparation of meatballs and meat sauce.

6. Preparation of meat sauce

7. Preparing the meat bals

8. Check the pasta and cnt. preparation of meat sauce

9. Check past gain

10. Cnt. preparation of albondigas

11. Cnt. frying of meat balls and preparation of spaghetti

12. Retjrn to frying meatballs and preparation of meat sauce

13. Liquify and cook grilled tomatoes

14. Checked cooked meat and add to tomato sauce. Add canned mushrooms. Be sure to add meat only as the water serves as a savory broth to be consumed at any time.

15. Add meat balls and spaghetti to sauce

16. The finished preparation looks like inside the pot.

17. And like this in your plate when salad and garlic bread is added

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