Sumpthin Good from the Kiche of Guatemala

Pulike, Veggie Rice, and Tamalitos

1. Introduction & Ingredients

2. Preparation of wiskil
3. Prepare carrots

4. Preparation of tomatoes
5. Prepare garlic
6. Prepare onions
7. Grill tomatoes and onion
8. Prepare chicken
9. Preparation of veggie rice with onion, tomato and veggies
10. Continuation of Rice preparation
11. Grill tomatoes, onion and garlic
12. A word about masa used to thicken sauce
13. Additions to chicken while boiling in water
14. Preparation of tamalitos

15. Back to the rice
16. Back to the tomatoes
17. Liquify grilled tomatoes, onion, and garlic
18. Add achote for color
19. Back to the vegetables
20. Preparation of masa used to thicken soup
21. Put liquified masa into empty pan and add liquified tomato and chicken
22. Finalization. Add salt, vegetables and more chicken broth to pan and cook for 10 more minutes
23. Serve with rice.

24. Note that the left over chicken water can be consmed as a broth and I found it very tasty indeed.

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